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'Good Friday' Is A Roman Catholic Invention, Jesus Went To The Cross On A Wednesday

'Good Friday' Is A Roman Catholic Invention, Jesus Went To The Cross On A Wednesday ⋆ this explanation from the webiste Now The End Begins

Hungary Plans Ahead for what is now viewed as the inevitable

Thursday, March 24, 2016, AP -- Hungary's interior minister says the government wants to limit phone calls in the vicinity of any future terror attack to prevent the overload of communications networks and avoid interference with emergency and rescue services.

Interior Minister Sandor Pinter said Thursday that civilians would be restricted to sending only text messages in areas affected by any attack. The concept's technical aspects would be developed jointly with the telecommunications companies.

Pinter said networks frequently collapse after attacks because of the large number of people wanting to get in touch with friends or relatives.

Pinter said another alternative would be to expand an exclusive radio network already used by police and the disaster management agency to other emergency services like firefighters, ambulances and hospitals.

The idea is part of a new package of anti-terrorism measures being discussed by the government that also seeks to grant intelligence services greater access to financial transactions and personal communications.

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Former Candidate Romney Proves our Leaders "Just don't get it"

Mitt Romney Is The Real Super-Fraud: Here’s The Proof, Chapter And Verse | David Stockman's Contra Corner

Executive summary:  Revolution underway.  Romney "doesn't get it."

To paraphrase meaning of the Trump revolt to the Establishment GOP from the days of Rome:

"Death without phrases."

Huckabee calls the Trump Juggernaut "A Peaceful Revolution, a coup against the War Party that rules D.C."

With a few more words, David Stockman weighs in:

The Trumpster Sends The GOP/Neocon Establishment To The Dumpster | David Stockman's Contra Corner

I think I finally "get" it.  This is why 'evangelical Christians' et al are moving to Trump, and all other concerned citizens who want no more senseless war, waste, profligacy.

Trump is the anti-Establishment candidate.  He is William Wallace, Braveheart, "freedom" candidate.  He is the chance for Americans to "stick it to The Man."

Same goes for Bernie, except go hard left.  Free schools, but no more Iraqs.  Hence, his big success.

The remainder, Hillary, is mere extrapolation of Obama, i.e. more oppression, more war, more deficits, more control, more 1984, more devastation for the middle class, more Goldman Sachs, more $250,000 speeches, more Libyan debacles, more entitlement (for her), more free stuff from a bankrupt state (us) for more and more illegal immigrants, more decline of America.  We are insolvent, under Hillary we go bankrupt.

Americans don't want Rubio's, or Cruz's, or even the soft-spoken Ben.  They want a hellion to go to the White House and turn D.C. upside down.  Left leaners, Bernie,  Right thinkers, Donald.

Bernie won't pass Hillary, but bravo, Bernie, we did indeed 'feel the Bern."

So there we have it, Donald v Hillary.

Rocky vs. Ivan Drago.

David v. Goliath.

The 150 to 1 underdog.  That's where Trump started from in October 2013.

Trump is too cocky, too vain, too proud to be "Presidential."  Perhaps.   But who else would take on the GOP?  One of their own sons?   No one else bought and paid for would ever dream of doing what Trump is doing.

Heavily flawed Trump is, yes, brave, yes, patriotic, apparently so.

One man, one fortune, one plane, more or less, and the ears and eyes of the world, and the hearts of more and more Americans.

He owes no one.

Can we even imagine such a thing?  Indebted to no one.  And yet, there it is.

We had all this and more in Ron Paul, but he, too, was soft spoken like Ben, and everyone missed his genius.  Shame on America.  And the time wasn't right.

Media age demands a celebrity it seems.  So now we got The Donald.  The anti-sycophant.  As Jimmy Connors said once upon a time,  "This is what the people want...this is what they've come to see."

In the back of our consciousness, we still love a winner, even if he's brash.  NFL rolls on, with more and more end zone dance, the kind of thing that would never have been done by a Jimmy Brown, Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas.

But that was then.  We live in the new world.

I used to think Trump could never top Hillary -- too many people wanting too much free stuff. 

Now I'm wondering if some Democrats themselves don't even yearn to be free of the yoke of official Washington, of war, debt, entitlement ----- whether from Dem or Rep, the same crew that made us a nation of bankrupt, belligerent wounded souls, lost in body and and in soul.

Trump, the pragmatist.  Yes, flawed, but a fixer, a doer.   What did Obama do for America?  Everyone I know that voted for him rues the fact now.

Go 4 or 8 more eight years of it.  More and more, the voters are saying, 'no way.'

America seems to be saying, OK Trump, get in there.  You can do no worse.  If you are half as smart as you say you are, you put together a great team, and actually turn the nation around.  In the great spirit of what made this country, people seem to be saying, "Let's try it......."  That's how everything great begins, with those three words.  And a little courage, and a lot of hard work.