Sunday, May 01, 2016

Prince Plays Gershwin

One very complex individual.  Seemingly androgynous in his style, he had a string of women, but he promoted monogamy.  One pundit said his songs were either prayers or foreplay.  He left out the sexy stuff, he said, when children started coming to his shows.  He lived a healthy lifestyle, but apparently got addicted to a painkiller that just might have done him in.

From the mundane to the sublime:  He could be seen riding his bike around the neighborhood, they say. He was a Jehovah's Witness, gave visitors to his home a copy of Watchtower;  he was a fan of Dairy Queen, and a customer of a local Twin Cities record shop where he could go through bins of vinyl, a place where the other customers respected his space and left him alone.

Oh, yes, and versatile, ground-breaking musician. Some say one of the greatest.  He makes himself right at home here in Gershwin.

When he died too young, the whole world let out a collective sigh.  Gone too soon, RIP Prince....