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Guest Post: Is There No Shame? | ZeroHedge

Re Penn State, one more post, because this says it even better.....puts the issue to rest.

Guest Post: Is There No Shame? | ZeroHedge

Personal rumination: In the days after the scandal broke, but before the heads rolled, it was confidently said by the media something to the effect, 'but the investigation does not involve Joe Paterno.' How could that be? I thought. The perpetrator had free range of the Penn State football facilities the entire decade after he resigned, and it was said he was working out there as recently as last week. How can Joe Pa "not be involved"? If I get rid of this guy for child molestation, i.e. forced "retirement", do I then invite him back --- to work out?

Didn't make sense to me. Appears I was just a couple days ahead of the grim reaper of consequences.


  1. Things are not what they seem, nor are they otherwise.
  2. The media can get it wrong, sometimes way wrong, especially in the early stages of a crisis.
  3. Calls to mind the phrase that was once made popular by another discredited figure: 'we don't know what we don't know.'
  4. Next up: The relative complacency surrounding Greece, Italy, et al -- where will it finally lead? To a conclusion that no one (or precious few) in the media can foresee.....................?

Penn State's Paterno deserves no pity

The Chicago Tribune weighs in:

Penn State's Paterno deserves no pity

So what were the Penn State students possibly thinking as they rioted all over campus and tipped over cars and a satellite truck? When will they realize, after the buzz wears off and sobering reality sinks in, that they were defending the right to cover up pedophilia? As much as they love JoePa, that's the harsh reality.

Woody Hayes threw a punch. Bob Knight threw a chair. But in 10 years or so we will remember Paterno as much as anything for the alleged molestation he enabled that made us want to throw up. He always can be referred to as a great football coach. But I still cringed hearing loyal ex-players refer to Paterno as a great man.

.... out-to-lunch University President Graham Spanier.....

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Meets Wells Tower, newly designated Best Short Story writer for 2011

New voice in short story writing: Wells Tower. Featured from time to time in the New Yorker. You may see yourself, or someone you know, in some of his stories.

Recently included in the 2011 “Best American Short Stories’’ anthology.

The next Cheever, or Murakami?