Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fighting the good fight

Our friend John Terry has brought his new book to our attention:

Christian Martial Arts: The Passion, The Calling, The Journey: How To Effectively Incorporate Faith-Based Principles Into Your Martial Arts Practice.

Christian and martial arts, you say, isn't that a contradiction in terms? The author shows here that it's not. In today's society, predators seeks out children and women as victims; self-defense is no longer an option, but a must.

He de-bunks the myth that karate originates from Eastern mysticism. His chapter on marketing will make you think about how you can get your message out in less self-serving, more effective ways. In a day and time where "Christian" conveys "weak" to many, Terry provides a the antidote -- but in a caring, intelligent, spiritual way.

One caveat: this book may catalyze a desire to run out and sign up for a Christian martial arts class.

About the Author
John L. Terry, III is the founder and executive director of the Christian Martial Arts Council. He is an ordained minister, martial arts and self-defense instructor, and a “Kid-Safe” and “Women-Safe” community advocate. John holds a black belt in Okinawan Karate and Kenpo. He is both a member of, and has served on the boards of, several professional martial arts associations. John has a degree in Business from Arkansas Tech University and has been a sales and marketing consultant since 1988. Contact him directly at where he provides a daily email review of Bible prophecy topics.

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